Store your backups on Amazon S3

Own your backups and store them on your Amazon S3 bucket

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Secure your backups on AWS S3

"Keeping your data safe and leveraging S3 buckets the way you're used to."

Your data, your storage

Bring your own
AWS S3 bucket

Store your backups on your own AWS S3 bucket.
Configure your backups, your retention policy and store as many backups as you need.

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Backup your servers and databases

Select your bucket

Stop wasting time with different backup solutions for each customer, have all your backups available in one place, no matter where your website is hosted.

Stay GDPR compliant

Host your backups in the region you need to, to remain compliant with GDPR policies.

Unlimited backup storage

Take advantage of AWS infrastructure and store as many backups as you want.

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We host all our projects on AWS now we can also store our backups there too. It just works.

Robert- rob-digital

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