DigitalOcean Snapshot Pricing


One of the things developers overlook when they start using DigitalOcean snapshot, is the cost. Some developers only rely on snapshots as a backup method, and to be aware of the costs involved when you take snapshots for your droplets, we will give a couple an example of how much it costs to store your Droplet/Instance snapshots on DigitalOcean.


The pricing of DigitalOcean snapshots is simple. DigitalOcean snapshots cost $0.05/GiB of your snapshot size per month.

Note: the unit of snapshots pricing is GiB not GB (not a huge difference until the snapshots are really big).

DigitalOcean Office


If you have 10 snapshots of your droplet, each one has a size of 100 GiB, then you will be charged $25 a month for storing these 10 snapshots on DigitalOcean in addition to the droplet cost.


This is unrelated to the the DigitalOcean Backup feature which charges you a flat 20% of your server cost.

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