# User Guide

# Server & Volume Snapshots

You can find more information here about how it works, what providers we currently support, and step by step guides.

# File Backup

Check out our "Create a file backup (opens new window)" to give you a good starting point to backup any website using SimpleBackups.

# Database Backup

We've prepared guides for each supported databases. In each of these guides you'll also find reference to a guide explaining how to store these database backups to any storage provider.

Backup your "database as a service" database

Need to backup a database not hosted on a "dedicated server" (think DigitalOcean managed database, Amazon RDS...)? Use our "Stand-alone Database Backup Server".

# Restore a backup

You can restore your backup from any point in time using our restore commands.

  • Head to the logs tab of your backup page (https://my.simplebackups.io/backup/BACKUP_ID#logs).
  • Select the backup log you want to restore and click on the "i" icon
  • A popup will open, will how to restore this backup
Last Updated: 2/16/2021, 12:16:51 PM