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Rapid Server Setup¬†allows you to magically connect SimpleBackups to newly provisioned servers on AWS EC2, Amazon Lightsail, DigitalOcean, Laravel Forge, … you name it.

It saves you two steps in the backup process for new/existing servers:

  1. Adding your server manually to SimpleBackups
  2. Running the connection script on your server

Some of its features:

  • It does not require sudo or root access
  • Figures out the username, IP address and home directory of your server automatically

Some of the ideas of how it can be useful:

  • Connect existing servers in bulk to SimpleBackups without having to add every server manually and running the connection script
  • Use as a Laravel Forge recipe to add newly created servers to SimpleBackups

Here are some screenshots for demonstration in one of the use cases with Forge:


We will be creating support articles for other cloud platforms based on requests.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help!

Last Updated On April 05, 2019