Your startup data, encrypted, safe!

Save your team a ton of time in streamlining the backup process and focus what you need the most.

Secure your backups

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Don't worry about data loss

Get your data backed-up frequently and avoid losing sensitive data.
Schedule, daily, hourly or down to a few minutes backup and make sure you can easily rollback if anything happens.

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Cloud storage

Databases and file backups under the same roof

In 90% of the case you'll need to recover specific files or databases, stop backing up entire servers snapshots.
If you need to recover the database of a specific project in no time, this is the way to go.

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Cloud storage

2000+ companies rely on SimpleBackups

Why startups love us

Centralized backups dashboard

Stop wasting time with different backup solutions for each customer, have all your backups available in one place, no matter where your website is hosted.

Flexible backup schedule

Have your backups scheduled down to the minute and keep as many archives as you need.

Back up what truly matters

Back up databases and files independently. Break-free from full server snapshots, split your backups by projects or customers.

AES-256 Encryption

With built-in AES-256 backup encryption, file and database backups can only be decrypted by you.

What our users say about us

The simplest products are almost always the best, and this epitomises that. I highly recommend the team working on SimpleBackups.

Will- Sidekick Digital

Secure your backups

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