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Create a DigitalOcean server backup in style.

Published on 21-10-2019

One of the awesome features of SimpleBackups is ‘Rapid Server Setup’ — which allows you to magically connect SimpleBackups to newly…

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Add SSH key after creating a DigitalOcean droplet

Published on 06-10-2019

If you got locked out and cannot access your DigitalOcean server but still have access to your DigitalOcean account, then here is a…

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Pros/Cons of Storing Customers’ Files in S3 Buckets for your SaaS

Published on 11-04-2019

If you are building an application that needs to store customers’ data in the cloud, you have a few options to think about. In this post I…

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Don’t put all your eggs (servers/backups) in one basket (cloud)

Published on 13-01-2019

Just like you diversify income sources, diversify your cloud infrastructure providers! Intro We are always taught that we “should not put…

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Allow a remote IP to connect to your Amazon RDS MySQL Instance

Published on 08-11-2018

How to whitelist a particular IP and allow it to connect to your RDS database. What This Is About By default, if you create an Amazon RDS…

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Google Cloud Storage Signed URLs — The Easy Way

Published on 03-11-2018

One of the cool things that Google Cloud Storage supports is the AWS S3 interoperability mode. This mode allows you to use almost the same…

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Why do server and website backups fail sometimes?

Published on 28-10-2018

In this little piece I am going to highlight some of the reasons of why backups may fail. While many of the reasons below are common and…

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He thought he had backups…

Published on 07-08-2018

A few months ago a friend of mine called me and I could hear in his voice that he was in trouble: I’m ****** I thought we had backups…

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