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Investing as little as $29 a month in backups can save you *thousands* in permanent business data loss.

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Small shops, startups, or developers with minimal needs
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  • File Backups
  • Database Backups
  • Snapshot Backups
  • Incremental Backups
  • Backup Streaming
  • Included Backup Storage
  • Local Storage Option
  • Preset Backup Intervals
  • Email & Slack Notifications
  • AES-256 Backup Encryption
  • Invite Team Members
SaaS, agencies, and businesses (best value)
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  • Everything in Startup
  • plus...
  • ∞ Unlimited Projects
  • ∞ Unlimited Teams
  • Up to 5-minute Intervals
  • Custom Backup Flags
  • Raw MySQL Dumps
  • Uncompressed File Backups
Businesses & agencies who need to automate backups
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  • Everything in Agency
  • plus...
  • ∞ Unlimited Projects
  • ∞ Unlimited Teams
  • Up to 1-minute Intervals
  • Integrations
  • Webhooks
  • API Access
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Get full access, unlimited backups and storage, white label, custom reporting,
dedicated support and offload the backup management to us.
SimpleBackups contributes 1% of your subscription to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate.

From single projects to fully integrated solutions

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Websites / Databases / Snapshots
20 Projects
∞ Unlimited Projects
∞ Unlimited Projects
Included SimpleStorage (EU or US)
Bring your own Storage
∞ Unlimited
∞ Unlimited
∞ Unlimited
Included Storage
30 GB
60 GB
150+ GB
Cloud Storage
Amazon S3
Any S3-Compatible
Azure Blob Storage
Backblaze B2
DigitalOcean Spaces
Exoscale Storage
Filebase Blockchain
Google Cloud Storage
UpCloud Storage
MySQL/MariaDB Database Backups
MongoDB Database Backups
PostgreSQL Database Backups
Managed Databases
Amazon RDS
DigitalOcean Managed Database
MongoDB Atlas
cPanel Databases
Snapshot Providers
Instant Email Notifications
Instant Slack Notifications
Instant Discord Notifications
Smart Features
Rapid Server Setup
Backup Stats
Backup Error Prediction
Backup Intervals
Up to 4-hour Intervals
Up to 5-mins Intervals
Up to 1-min Intervals
Cron Syntax Scheduling
Timezone Support
Incremental Backups
Backup All Databases at Once
Backup Triggers
Backup Streaming
Backup Encryption
Uncompressed Database Backups
Uncompressed File Backups
Custom Backup Flags
Backup Web-hooks
Backup Automation API
Premium support
Free Backups Migration
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What our users say about us

I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services (...). I tested SimpleBackups and ... bam it just works!

Chris Soriano- Clever Talks

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