Automated MySQL
database backups

Back up all your MySQL databases independently and sleep better.

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Super simple, hassle-free MySQL backups

Goodbye Bash Scripts

Remove the complexity of setting up MySQL backup scripts and just tell us which databases to back up for you!
Select your database, define where you want your backup to be stored, pick the right schedule and that's it.

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Slice backups as you need

One Backup Per Project

In 90% of the cases you will need to recover specific files or databases, full server snapshots at this point become an overkill.
If you need to recover the database of a specific project in no time, SimpleBackups is the way to go.

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What our users say about us

Chris Soriano
Clever Talks
I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services. I tested SimpleBackups and setup the easy SSH configuration and bam!! My backups started and completed. I like the scheduling of the backups as well.
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No credit card required. Free 14-day trial.

Why should I use Simplebackups when my webhost offers a backup solution?

Webhost backup solutions vary a lot, while some may be good, others are not.

One general rule around safety is not to put all your eggs in the same basket, and relying on your webhost backup is breaking this rule.

Although general webhost disaster is rare, human errors are not, and it is a good practice to host your backup somewhere else.

How much does SimpleBackups for an agency?

We offer at least 100 backups for all our paid plans, the difference in plans resides in some automation features as well as dedicated support you will get in the higher plans.
Knowing you can charge this service to your customers, it is needless to say it will be amortized right away.

Who holds my backups?

You own your backups! Your backups are dumped on your own server, then securely transmitted from your server to your own cloud storage.

The dumps are not stored on any third-party or even our servers during the backup process or transmission.