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All the features you need to manage website backups, without visual distraction!

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Bring your own storage

Store your backups on your own Digital Ocean, AWS, Google, Wasabi, Dropbox account.
Your backups won't even pass by our servers.

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Cloud storage
Api webhook cron

Full-featured solution for the most demanding users


Our goal is to remove everything preventing your from taking backups.

We always try to include all the tools and features you need to integrate backups within your process, and not the other way around.

  • - Backup Automation API
  • - Powerful Scheduling
  • - Backup Webhooks
  • - Backup Triggers

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Simple Setup

Only under two minutes, create your account, add your server and create your first backup!

Centralized dashboard

Manage all your customers' backups in one central place.


Get notified on Slack, Email or Discord only when your attention is needed.

Error Prediction

SimpleBackups predicts if an error is to be encountered before a scheduled backup is executed.

Eliminate the resistance that arises every time you want to back up a new server or project

Website & Database Backups
on steroids

AWS Support

Digital Ocean Support

Google Cloud Support

Wasabi Support

Dropbox Support

Backup All DB at Once

Error Prediction

Backup Triggers

Backup Automation API

Uncompressed DB Backups

Smart Web-hooks

Email Notifications

Slack Notifications

Discord Notifications

What our users say about us

Chris Soriano
Clever Talks
I did not want to install extra packages on my servers to do backups or sync to other cloud services. I tested SimpleBackups and setup the easy SSH configuration, modified my firewalls settings for their ip addresses, and bam!! My backups started and completed. I like the scheduling of the backups as well.
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