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We are happy to launch SimpleBackups on Product Hunt today.
For the occasion you can subscribe using coupon "PH-30OFF-YEAR" to get 30% off any yearly plan or "PH-30OFF" to get 30% off your first 3 months!

Full featured, yet ... simple!

All the features you need to manage website backups, while keeping things simple!

Effortless setup


Only under two minutes, create your account, add your server and create your first backup!

error predication


SimpleBackups predicts if an error is to be encountered before a scheduled backup is executed.

on-demand backups


Execute a backup on-demand, anytime to quickly check your setup or to pull a copy of your files and database.

off-site backup


Automatically store your backups off-site in a safe, secure location.
We support many cloud storage providers or you can immediately use your included free SimpleStorage.

instant emails


Use Slack, Email or Discord notifications to know immediately when a backup finishes successfully or if it encounters an error that needs your attention.

Scheduled backups


Create backup schedules to run automatically, whether it's monthly, weekly or daily.
The main goal is to set and forget.

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