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Simplebackups dashboard for agencies
Effortless setup


Only under two minutes, create your account, add your server and create your first backup!
You may just need to run one command on your server to get it fully configured. We are also always happy to set it up for you for free.

error predication


SimpleBackups predicts if an error is to be encountered before a scheduled backup is executed.
This futuristic feature allows us to notify you in advance if we suspect that there is an issue with your setup.

on-demand backups


Execute a backup on-demand, anytime to quickly check your setup or to pull a copy of your files and database.
This feature is super useful when migrating to another host, when cloning your website or need to download a copy.

off-site backup


Automatically send and store your database and file backups off-site in a safe, secure location.
We support many cloud storage providers or for the sake of simplicity you can immediately use your included free SimpleStorage.

instant emails


Know immediately when a backup finishes successfully or if it encounters an error that needs your attention.
You can always be sure your backups are running flawlessly.

Scheduled backups


Create backup schedules to run automatically, whether it's monthly, weekly or daily.
The main goal is to set and forget.

Simple Logs.

An activity log is available any time a backup is executed. By taking a quick glance you will know what happened to each backup or you can just click to download.

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Backups logs
DigitalOcean Hourly Backups

DigitalOcean Hourly Backups.

Easily set and forget hourly and daily DigitalOcean backups! Choose to store them on any of the supported storage options we have. You can choose to back up your server files, databases or both at the same time.

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Amazon RDS Database Backups.

Back up your Amazon RDS database on your own schedule to your own storage.
One key difference between the built-in snapshots feature that RDS offers and SimpleBackups RDS backups is that SimpleBackups dumps your raw database content allowing you to freely and quickly restore it on any other database for quick restores.
We recommend you use both, the snapshots backups of RDS and SimpleBackups at the same time.

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Amazon RDS Database Backups
cPanel Database Backups

cPanel Database Backups.

Back up all your cPanel database and export them daily to S3, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage and more!
Use SimpleBackups to automate backups of your cPanel MySQL databases and have them stored in your external storage. Using our Stand-alone Database Backup Server you can set up cPanel database backups in a couple of minutes.

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A quickly growing features list

We are always adding more features, yet keeping things simple
  • Unlimited Backup Storage
  • Amazon S3 Support
  • Dropbox Support
  • DigitalOcean Spaces Support
  • Google Cloud Storage Support
  • Wasabi Support
  • SimpleStorage Included (free storage)
  • Backup All Databases at Once
  • Backup Triggers
  • Custom Backup Schedules
  • Timezone-aware Backups
  • Premium Support (Email & Chat)
  • Crontab Scheduling
  • Rapid Server Setup
Psssst: This list is always growing, we’re continuously working on new and interesting features
Automated Backup Testing (soon)
Backup Error Prediction (soon)
Cloud Storage Replication (soon)
Slack/Discord Integration (soon)
Webhooks (soon)
One-line Installation
Secure Backups
Multiple Databases Backups
Smart Notifications
Free SimpleStorage
SSH Support
Clean & Simple UI
Activity Logs
Pre-set Backup Schedules
Custom Backup Schedules
On-demand Backups
Two-factor Authentication
Timezone-aware Backups
Simple Billing
Backup Triggers
Amazon S3 Integration
Dropbox Integration
Google Cloud Storage
DigitalOcean Spaces
cPanel Database Backups
Amazon RDS Database Backups
Wasabi Integration
Zapier Integration*
Crontab Scheduling
🔥 Rapid Server Setup
🔥 Backup Error Prediction
🔥 Automated Backup Testing
🔥 Cloud Storage Replication
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