Hourly DigitalOcean backups
on auto-pilot

Get more out of your backups than what DigitalOcean allows. Flexible schedules stored where you want.

Secure your backups

First backup for FREE. No credit card required.
Free 7-day trial. 90-day money-back guarantee.

Flexible backup schedule

Hello hourly backups!

Relying on DigitalOcean weekly backup is not an option for most professional.
With SimpleBackups, you can schedule your backups down to the minute, define the retention you need, store them where you want.

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Store your backups smartly

Distribute your backups

Reduce risks of losing data by storing your DigitalOcean backups on another storage provider (AWS, Google, Dropbox, Wasabi...). Still, if you decide to store your backups on DigitalOcean, feel free, it's supported too.

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Own your DigitalOcean hosted websites backups cost-effectively

Cost-effective backups

DigitalOcean charges you a whopping 20% of your server monthly cost for weekly server backups, we simply think it is expensive and at the same time not enough.

Example: Three droplets, each costing you $40 a month will cost you $24/month just for weekly server backups.

You could save up to ~$50/month

using SimpleBackups

DigitalOcean server(s) cost: $250/month

Download DigitalOcean Backups

With SimpleBackups, you can download your DigitalOcean droplet backups. Since you have the option to store your droplet backups on your own storage. The backup is stored in a compressed file and includes all the files and folders you chose to back up from your DigitalOcean droplet.

1500+ companies rely on SimpleBackups

Why do DigitalOcean customers love us?

Store on any provider
Centralized Dashboard
Backup Schedule
Hours, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
File Restore
Entire snapshot only
Only the files you need
Database Restore
Entire snapshot only
Only the database(s) you need
Restore Method
Restore snapshot - Create droplet - Copy files(...) - Delete droplet
Two to three commands
Min 20% of server cost
Flat fee (starts for free)

Centralized dashboard

Stop wasting time with different backup solutions for each customer, have all your backups available in one place, no matter where your website is hosted.

Flexible schedule

Have your backups scheduled down to the minute and keep as many archives as you need.

Back up what truly matters

Back up databases and files independently. Break-free from full server snapshots, split your backups by projects or customers.

What our users say about us

Thanks @simplebackups! The ridiculous cost for manual snapshots of DO droplets, and added time to do it made no sense.
Secure your backups

First backup for FREE. No credit card required.
Free 7-day trial. 90-day money-back guarantee.

Why should I use SimpleBackups when DigitalOcean offers a backup solution?

Backups offered by DigitalOcean can only be configured to take a single snapshot of your server on a weekly basis.
For many, this is not an acceptable solution as it means you might lost up to 7 days of data.
On top of that taking a snapshot of your server is not a practical backup solution as you would have to restore your entire server image if you need to recover some data.

How much does SimpleBackups cost?

We offer 4 different plans (from $0/m to $199/m), each with a set of included storage and features. You do not pay per backup, you pay a fixed monthly price for the backup service.

What DigitalOcean regions are supported?

We support all DigitalOcean datacenter regions.

Who holds my backups?

You own your backups! Your backups are dumped on your own server, then securely transmitted from your server to your own cloud storage.

The dumps are not stored on any third-party or even our servers during the backup process or transmission.

How does it work?

You configure the parameters of your servers, define what storage you want to use and schedule your backups. SimpleBackups then take care of getting your backup ran from your server to your selected storage directly and update you in real time on your backup status.

Can I use SimpleBackups for client projects?

Of course you can!
Most of our customers leverage SimpleBackups to manage all their customers backups in one central place.

What is "SimpleStorage"?

SimpleStorage is a backup storage we offer to our users for which you do not have to pay any additional cost.
This backups is owned by us and a secure, shared fraction of it is dedicated to your backups.
At any time, you can upgrade your account to get more SimpleStorage or switch to your own storage solution if you prefer to keep everything under control.

What does "backup retention" mean?

The "retention" of your backup is the number of backups we keep in your storage before rotating it. Ex: If you have a backup rotation set to 2 for a backup configured to run once a week it means you'll always keep the last 2 backups, after the third week the first week' backup will be deleted (aka rotated).

What is your refund policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, email us at support@simplebackups.io within 90 days and we'll refund you in full, no questions asked.