Store your backups on your preferred Cloud Storage

With SimpleBackups, you can securely store file and database backups on your preferred cloud storage provider as well as on our managed SimpleStorage solution.

Connect any of your cloud storage providers account and select what to backup and where to store it.
It's really simple, and fully documented.

All supported storage:


Microsoft Azure





Google Cloud


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We think backup storage shouldn't be a question, so we offered many options.

Store your backups where you want, or let us handle it

Included SimpleStorage

SimpleBackups offers managed storage for users who want a storage solution out of the box.
SimpleStorage relies on Amazon AWS infrastructure, it is simple and built-in, no separate account required or credentials to input.

Store backups on your own server

Sometimes you may want to store some backups directly on your server. You can do this easily by selecting your own server as a storage volume for any backup.

Store backups where you want and be GDPR compliant 🇪🇺.
You have the flexibility of storing backups in your region of choice and stick to your regulations and compliance rules.